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Reviews of Your Dentist in Alameda CA

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Berkeley and Alameda, California. Read what our patients are saying about us below.

This review is a bit overdue, as I started going to Dr. Lee about 2 years ago. (Never finished my Yelp review). Did I tell you that I'm really afraid of dentists? Well I was until I met Dr. Amy Lee. I was referred to Dr. Lee by my co-workers. I first called Dr. Lee's office and spoke to Maxine. Maxine was so patient and understanding of my fear of the dentist chair and everything that went along with it. She said come in and we will take it very slow....if you don't feel comfortable we can stop at any time. Dr. Lee and her assistant, Jennifer, are the best! Dr. Lee cleaned my teeth and since it was a few years since I visited the dentist she took extra care in all the sensitive areas.... it was amazing. Sadly I had 2 cavities but Dr. Lee filled both cavities and it was painless. My daughter is now a patient of Dr. Lee's and I will continue to refer my friends and family to Dr. Lee.

- Lisa R.

I had the best experience here compared to all other clinics I've been to.
I was extremely late to my appointment and they still let me come in. The staff are extremely nice about it.
Jennifer is the most pleasant dentist assistant I've ever met! Dr. Lee is a really gentle dentist. They talked me through every detail of the procedure, so I know what to expect.
I don't know much about dental equipments, but their monitor is the most patient-oriented one I've seen.
It was quick in my opinion; cleaning, cavity filling and polishing all done in an hour.
I'm looking forward to another great experience in 6 months.

- Shirley Z.

Amy is really good. I used to hate to go to a dentist but after became her patient, I am not afraid of going to a dentist anymore. I had few things done in one day. wisdom teeth extraction and few cavities fixes. I was very nervous and anxious. She did an excellent job; I did not feel any pain even with the teeth extraction. She was very gently and the only little pain was the needle to numb.

- Fanny W.

I found Dr. Lee based on my insurance website and on Yelp reviews. The whole practice is very kind, knowledgeable, and great at what they do! The facilities are very clean and updated, too. I needed new xrays, a cleaning, and a filling re-done. They were very diligent about making sure everything was covered by my insurance, and let me know how everything would work along the way in terms of scheduling all the appointments, billing my insurance, etc. Dr. Lee did the cleaning and filling herself, and was very gentle and sure to communicate what she was doing. She was so great that I'm actually looking forward to going back for another cleaning!

- Chelsea K.

I agreed with all the reviews. The equipments, the staff, everything is top notch.
In addition, Dr. Lee is kind, compassionate and honest. Her charges are reasonable.. If any work on your teeth is unnecessary, she will tell you so.
I have been with Dr. Lee for 4/5 years. I'm very happy with her services and will recommend her to any of my friends and relatives.

- Veronica B.

This is the nicest group of people I have ever encountered in my dental adventures. They didn't judge me for not having been in to the dentist in 4+ years (due to life complications), and they got a cleaning appointment in for me right away. One of my previous dentists used to scrape away at my teeth with no regard for my tender gums, but not Dr. Lee! She and her dental assistants are all gentle and kind. I wasn't worried at all. Today, I just got 3 fillings done. The drilling doesn't bother me, but the numbing shot does. I was anxious with the needle, but I was not in any pain! Dr. Lee is very considerate of the anxieties people have at the dentist. I even got nauseous after the shots (I forgot to eat lunch beforehand), and they gave me a yogurt! It really helped me feel better, I was at ease during the whole procedure. I am so glad to have found such a great dentist! I look forward to my next cleaning.

- Christina K.

Went for my first appointment with Dr. Lee last week. Couldn't be happier. Late afternoon appointment, no long waiting room wait, and when Dr. Lee determined I needed a little extra work, she stayed to finish even as her staff was saying goodbye and walking out the door. It's also nice that she is a petite woman - small hands!

- Ken P.

First time coming here and it was a great experience. The lady in the front got me in the same day I called. I had a cleaning and Dr. Lee was very nice and the cleaning was painless. Her staff was also very friendly and the hygienist did a good job as well. I plan to return.

- Rick B.

Dr. Lee and her staff are wonderful. My brother referred me to her when I moved back the Bay Area. He office is lovely and parking is never an issue. The equipment she uses is the latest and greatest and reminiscent of Star Trek with all the gadgets. You can also watch TV during your procedure as they have flat screens on the ceiling at each work station or listen to your ipod. Most importantly though is her touch and active listening skills. She really cares about your comfort level and seems genuine. The staff are very friendly and they keep my toddler entertained. He loves the treasure chest of toys to play with. She has extended her services to include cosmetic dentistry such as Invisalign and teeth whitening. If I proceed with the other services I'll write an update.

- Anonymous

I recently joined Dr. Lee and have been VERY happy with it. My gums don't bleed when the hygienists clean my teeth (they did before), I don't grip the seat arms, I don't dread going to the dentist. I liked it so much I brought my son to be worked on. I know it is odd to say that I enjoy the dentist, but Dr. Lee is far and above what I have experienced before. If you dread your current dentist, i suggest trying a visit with Dr. Lee. I accepted the previous because I just thought that the way it was.

- Jesse G.

I just had a couple of dental procedures done here and I have to say it really is as good as it gets! The staff here are warm and friendly, and Dr. Lee is very thorough and professional. Also, the work they did was really great. Dr. Lee and her staff bent over backwards to make sure I was comfortable, warm, entertained and had every need taken care of while they worked on my teeth. Ample parking, easy to find, comfortable office. Not trendy, but VERY GOOD CARE and VERY FAIR PRICES. Dr. Lee seems more interested in helping people then upselling which is SO REFRESHING! I felt very cared for and again, couldn't be happier with the front office staff or her dental assistants.

- Lisa F.

Dr. Lee is professional, calm and the offices are well run.

- Anonymous

I've been to her twice now upon growing tired of my old dentist, who used to hold me captive in the dentist chair while she talked endlessly. Dr. Lee is professional, calm and the offices are well run. I especially like that I can walk to her from my house - and Solano Ave. is always so much fun.

- Anonymous

I'm afraid of dentist and I'll do whatever I can to avoid them:( so It's took me whole year to find the perfect dentist for me. Amy Lee is so professional but also gentle and human!! I love her!!

- Revital C.

Words cannot express how sad I am that my company changed dental insurance plans, and now I am no longer able to see Dr. Lee as an in-network dentist. Even after my insurance plan changed, I still paid out-of-network costs to see Dr. Lee a few more times, she is just THE BEST. She is kind, gentle, explains options thoroughly, and does beautiful work.

- Jul P.

Dr. Amy Lee and her whole staff including Kathy at the front desk are exceptional as people and professionals.

- Rosemary W.

Me: dear god, please send a dentist only dreams are made of. god: sure, sarah..what the hell..... ENTER.... dr. Lee... painless, nice, informative, and reasonable!

- S.B.